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Exciting adventures

“Search for objects” will start when you receive inheritance of the mysterious Bellows family. You will have to deal with strange phenomena that come from the Magic Portal. Discover its secrets! Solve all professor Bellows’ puzzles! A great journey starts in the professor’s manor…

“Rooms of Memory”

“Rooms of Memory” is a unique “hidden object” game. You will need to solve logical puzzles and look for objects hidden in picturesque and diverse locations of the huge game world. You will travel to Paris and Venice, Medieval Castles and Valley of Magicians, where only the chosen can enter, and you are one of them. This huge world lives by Bellows’ laws, it is inhabited by various characters, each of them has their unique history.

Game Universe

“Rooms of Memory” is evolving. Unlike other games of this genre every update of “Rooms of Memory” expands the game world, introduces new characters, opens new buildings, puzzles and events. Only here in Magicians Guild you can take part in objects search contest and test your skills in online player versus player mode.




 “Rooms of Memory”


– Over 60 locations available for hidden objects search
– Over 10 modes of locations exploration

– Over 350 collections that can be found while exploring locations
– Character with game skills that can be increased
– Over 1800 quests
– Over 30 game offers with new buildings and locations
– Daily and weekly contests and ratings
– Mysterious monsters, enigmatic characters, and more







“Rooms of Memory”



Where is the host? He’s gone! Professor Bellows vanished into thin air while doing one of his experiments. Subtle trace of perfume and thick diary, that’s all that was left from the great scientist who was studying laws of space and time. Manor inhabitants are shocked. You are the only person, who, inheriting professor’s knowledge, can find all hidden objects – keys to solving great mysteries.


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