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Sherlock: Mysterious Albion

it will be an extremely fascinating adventure


Find the Clues!

How does any investigation start? Searching for the clues!

“Sherlock: Mysterious Albion” is a detective game of “hidden object” genre. Old acquaintances of yours, Mrs. Hudson and Dr. Watson, Inspector Lestrade and brother of Sherlock Holmes – Mycroft… But where is Mr. Holmes himself?! It seems you will have to learn all secrets of deductive approach yourself, chasing criminals through the misty streets of good old London…

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes have left London in a hurry, leaving his friends and enemies at a loss – what could force the great gumshoe to quit the stage? Criminals are growing bolder and get out of their lairs, Scotland Yard cannot fight them. Only you can take the place of vanished Holmes. You are the only person who can finish the investigation concerning the mysterious “Red-Headed League”… One crime is followed by another – each time villains act more and more sophisticated.

“Sherlock: Mysterious Albion”

It is a unique hidden object game where familiar stories gain renewed details. Colorful game locations show unexpected shades of Victorian London. Insidious villains and poor victims live on the same street and sometimes it is really hard to understand who is who. Citizens of London rely on you!


“Sherlock: Mysterious Albion”


It is a huge game world, expanding with each story you finish and with every game update. Here all characters live their own life and you are an important part of it. Start your first investigation and see yourself.


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